Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beautiful music, beautiful people at Eight Bar for final Taffy show

It was an admixture of great music, good friends, good music and great friends at Eight Bar in downtown TO last night to bid adieu, at least officially, to the Taffy duo of Colleen Costello and Ellen Carol. Colleen is moving to B.C. in September and while the two talented ladies may wellcontinue to work on things together online (they already did that when Colleen moved to Hamilton Ontario for a few months) future live Taffy shows will be few and far between.

The girls had a three different bass players sit in with them, including Mitch Girio, who was the player of record for most of the night and did both of the first two sets. (See pic at right).

Jenn Wilson was also in the house and sat in for a couple of tunes (see pic left) as did Gerry LeBlanc (sorry no photo, I missed it!).

We'll miss you Colleen (that's her below) but our loss is B.C.'s gain fer sure!

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